Experience Our ‘Chef’s Table’

A motivated, healthy chef will make for an exciting evening of delicious food. Chef Douglas Dale loves a good challenge and is stimulated by inspiring new elements, new techniques, and unconventional combinations of food.

He takes pride in the art of transformation as he transforms simple food into cuisine and meals into memories. This is your chance to join Chef Dale on an exceptionally appetizing journey for a special evening with your friends. It is as simple as making a reservation requesting a 'Chef's Table'. If you have any specific requests or allergies please let the hostess know upon booking. The cost is $120 per person for 7 courses.

On the night of your personal 'Chef's Table', Chef Dale and your server will work with you to make your experience truly unique and can help with the pairing drinks and/or wine (sold separately). We would be honored if you gave us the opportunity to present you with a true experience of 'Cuisine Unique'. To book your 'Chef Table' now, please call us at (530) 583-5700.


will resume in Oct.